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Therapy Heaven Leeds

A Holistic Approach to Health & Wellbeing

It is impossible to avoid stress, stress is an integral part of modern life.

0% of health disorders are now thought to be related to stress and

nerve tension.

Stress leads to absenteeism, poor productivity, low moral and poor relationships, which all impact on your work & business!

Whilst we may not be able to completely avoid stress, we can take measures to manage stress such as having a massage or other complementary therapy to induce relaxation.

We offer a workplace therapy service to organisations & offices

in and around Leeds.

We can adapt our services to suit your personal needs.

If you have a room available, we can visit your place of work and offer the following therapies to you & your staff:

Indian Head Massage



Back, Neck, Shoulder Massage.

Costs start at £40.00 hour.

Staff can choose from:

 20 minutes for £15,

 30 minutes for £20


 60 minutes for £40

If you would like to discuss this further or to book a therapy day please contact Jan on:


Tel: 07880 975529